Mais de 550 tecidos com padrões diferentes! tudo em stock, pronto para ser enviado!

More then 550 different fabrics in my stock, ready to send to you !

Por favor ler "como comprar"

Please read "how to buy"

Preços: 1 a 2 euros, para pedaços de 23 por 28 cm. Atenção, em alguns casos só tenho um único pedaço.

Precios: Entre 1 y 2 euros, piezas de 23 X 28 cm.

Atencion: para algumas telas solo tengo una pieza de 23X28!

Prices: 1-2 euros to pieces of approximately 23 by 28 cm . For some fabrics I have only a single piece, others have multiple of the measure indicated

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How to buy!

General information:
All my fabrics  have tiny patterns suitable for 12th scale or even less in some cases.
Fabrics are also suitable to make doll clothes.
Most of my fabrics are made of 100% high quality cotton.
The smaller piece of fabric I sell is 9X11 inches (23 X 28 cm aprox.), please be aware that in some cases I have only one piece of each fabric and it is impossible to replace, so they are unique!
All my fabrics are real Fabrics, not ink-jet printed fabrics, and are sold in pieces of 23X28 cm  (average measures), in inches about 8X11.
How to buy my fabrics
Just click in the pages that are identified with the type of pattern or main colour, in each photo there is the fabric reference code, take note of it and  send me an email to
Fabrics varies between 1.0 to 2.5 euros, each piece of 9X11 inches (23 X 28 cm aprox.)
You can buy directly from me or from my Etsy shop, where I can put a reserved list for you, but in this case  it will be more expensive, due to Etsy fees.

Price: Varies from 1 to 2.5 euros for each piece of 9X11 inches (23 X 28 cm aprox.) Payment: You can pay me by Paypal or bank transfer.

Shipping: I ship worldwide!

Fabrics are sent in a padded bubble envelope by signed for mail, because it is the only way to get a receipt.   Just contact me with the list of fabrics you are interested in and your country and I will get right back to you with a shipping cost quote.

If you are looking for something special, for a room-box, scene, etc, just explain it to me and I will try to find it for you.

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